The factory… Quality and environment!

Research & development, production, and testing are all part of the factory process to create products that conform with all the market standards. As a brand looking to revolutionize the outdoor furniture industry, we are responsible of providing innovative, high quality furniture while staying environment friendly.

Preserving nature to enjoy the outdoors.

Influence’s wide selection of outdoor furniture sets (living, dining, occasional, solar lamps) are all made from top notch materials that offer strength, durability and weather resistance. And because we care about the environment, the aluminum, wicker and fabrics used in our products are all recyclable and harmless to nature.

From a vision to the final product.

Each product starts as an idea, a vision inspired from the market needs that our talented designers pursue. It then turns into a drawing associated with the suitable materials. After confirming with the R&D team the feasibility of the product, we proceed with a test prototype. Once the testing is done on different levels and succeeded…that’s when the production begins.