Discover Influence

The birth of an outdoor furniture revolution!

The creators of Influence spent more than 20 years in the hospitality furniture field. Our experience allowed us to better understand the markets, and create solar lamps & outdoor furniture characterized by their comfort, elegance, affordability and high quality. To bring you unique designs, we partnered with the bests in the field, just like Sylvain Joly who designed our living set Infini.

A complete solution for your outdoor living!

Influence is more than just an outdoor furniture brand… it is also a complete solution for interior designers, architects, hotels, restaurants, and other businesses. Starting from the consultation process to the shipping, and beyond… we make sure to keep our clients satisfied with our exceptional customer and after sale services.

Our factory…where the magic happens.

Our factory is where we plan, produce, and test our items, making them 100% satisfactory. We do it all by keeping in mind… affordability. To achieve this, we make sure to keep the production simple and effective, while using fine, long lasting materials.

Technology is our path.

Technology has an interesting effect on the unique experience we provide. Either in the production process with the use of 3D rendering while designing spaces, or with the brand promotion, technology is always present.